Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Division receives applications of vacant posts from various departments of KJO to fill them by employees, where priority will be given to Saudi & Kuwaiti nationals.

The Recruitment Division sends all above applications to the Personnel Administration Division of the Employee Relations Department (ERD) to check if the applied posts are vacant as per departments' organization structure.

The Personnel Administration Division specifies the method of filling-out every post, whether through employee internal transfer within KJO, or through national fresh university graduates, or through the Internal Training Program, e.g. Graduates of KJO training center. If the post could not be filled by the above mentioned procedures, it will eventually be announced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & State of Kuwait to invite an appropriate candidate. In the event of non-availability of any candidate, we obtain the Executive Management approval to announce the available post outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & State of Kuwait through the accredited employment agencies designated by the company.
All selected candidates must undergo panel interviews, oral and written examinations and if selected (to fill the available post), undergo a comprehensive medical examination at KJO hospital in Khafji to certify their fitness to work. Afterwards, the Employment Section starts finalizing all employment formalities after obtaining the approval of concerned department & the Executive Management.