Capital Program
In order to meet expectations, we must have the technology tools and facilities to do the job. Therefore, the shareholders have approved the required fund for the business plan to replace the various administrative support facilities, rebuild the employee housing area and expand our industrial facilities to meet our oil production requirements.The work on these projects are under way in various stages from conceptual design to detailed engineering.

We expect major construction activities to start by the end of this year, where we will launch an aggressive oil exploration program beginning with seismic studies of the unexplored areas of our offshore concession area. We believe there may be significant hydrocarbon potential yet undiscovered in the Al-Khafji Offshore area.
Business restructuring program
The Business Restructuring Program will have an impact on every employee in the KJO as the joint venture now operates as an integrated oil and gas company.All functions associated with such an operations must be developed in Al-Khafji. This will involve the restructuring of the existing business lines and departments.Organizational restructuring took place with the creation of the new Engineering Services Department (ESD), Corporate Planning Department CPD) and consolidation of project Engineering functions into PCD. More restructuring will take place in the near future and will continue throughout the year.For many employees, this restructuring will be transparent and will be beneficial to them.

Further all industrial relations and business policies will be updated and upgraded to reflect current industrial and Gulf Region practices. New system will be implemented to provide a structured and defined development career path for all employees. New compensation and allowance policies will ensure fairness as well as simplify the payroll system. Systems will be implemented to assist employees in developing additional competencies in their jobs and in preparation for future positions.Other programs will be put in place to allow employees have more control over their careers.
    Development of Human Resources
  • Intensify in-house courses and reduce out of Al-Khafji courses so that more employees can be trained and developed with less cost.
  • Enrolling employees to attend conferences, seminars, symposiums and forums.
  • Continuing the special English language course for employees graduated from Arab Universities.
  • Conducting Long term Job skill training (LJS) for technical department.
  • Continuing with summer & cooperative Training Programs.
  • Conducting short Technical & Administrative Courses to improve employee skills including computer courses.

The KJO Executive Management takes care, through the Human Resources Development Department, of introducing and evaluating different training programs and systems for improving the employee's career through the following plans and activities

  • Promotion & Assessment of training programs and systems among employees and Management
  • Assessment of both in-house and outside training programs in terms of their needs and the effectiveness of their results. (Training Need Analysis)
  • Continuation of formalizing administrative procedures governing training programs
  • Developing proficiency and competency levels for staff professionals and individual specific job categories toward effective training, development and performance.
  • Introducing distance learning approach (self development)
  • Retaining & re-deploying to access manpower in various depts.)
  • Updating workshop equipment and laboratories.
  • Replacing the modular English system by a new English language program for company employees and induction trainees.