News & Events

Jaafar Honors the organizing team of the "HR – Strategic partner" conference

In recognition to their outstanding achievement, A/C-JOC Jamal Jaafar honored the members organizing the "HR – Strategic Partner" conference that took place on December 20th, 2011 at the office Park.
(posted - 28 December 2011)

TMD organizes an ISPS Training Course

In coordination with Nitaq Office for Marine Studies, TMD Organized a three-day training course on ship and port safety and security, at the Cultural Tent, through the period 10th - 13th November.
(posted - 28 December 2011)

The Joint Auditing Committee Held its 2nd Meeting

On Tuesday, December 6th, 2011, the Joint Auditing Committee (JAC) held its second meeting at Kuwait's Hilton Hotel, at Al-Mangaf City.
(posted - 18 December 2011)

The JEC Held its Second Meeting

On Wednesday December 7th, 2011 The Joint Executive Committee (JEC) Held its second meeting for 2011 at Kuwait's Hilton Hotel. The meeting was chaired by P&CEO, Abdullah Al-Helal and the membership of Mohammed Abdulwahab, Mohammaed Al—Subie, Wafa Y. Al-Zua'abi, the Committee Secretary, Michael Weems and the JOC secretary, Mr. Qais Fairooz.
(posted - 18 December 2011)

AGOC Held Its 30th Annual Board Meeting

On Thursday 24th November, 2011, AGOC held its 30th annual meeting in London to review and discuss the items of the yearly agenda.
(posted - 13 December 2011)

CTD Signs a Contract with MEELSA for Maintaining the Gas Turbines

On Wednesday, November 30th, 2011, the Contracts Department (CTD) entered into a five-year contract, under No. HQ941SS2010, with Middle East Engineering Ltd.
(posted - 11 December 2011)

KJO Organizes the First HR Conference for 2011

With the objective of enhancing the employees awareness of the Human Resources (HR) role in the Joint Operations, KJO is organizing the first 2011 HR conference during the period 18-19 December of this year.
(posted - 07 December 2011)

ELD Conducts an Awareness Program

On November 27th, 2011 ELD conducted an Environment Management System (EMS) awareness program around KJO to brief the employees about the systematic way of managing the environment.
(posted - 05 December 2011)

KJO Launches its Website in Both Languages

To cope with the age of technology and information, KJO found necessity to develop a website that establishes proper communication channels with the indoor community and the mass public. Therefor KJO sought that the website is well-turned. EDI Dr.Ali Al-Malhan, and EDB Eng. Abdulrauf A. Allarakia continually organized meetings with other concerned departments to have this website properly designed and configured.
(posted - 04 December 2011)

TDD Organizes "HR & Managing Job Skills" Workshop

On November 12th, 2011, TDD organized a five day workshop in cooperation with International Human Resources Development Cooperation (IHRDC).
(posted - 04 December 2011)

FAD Holds the Annual Financial Meeting with The External Auditors

The Financial and Accounting Department (FAD) held a meeting with the external auditors; "Price Waterhouse Coopers" in association with "Deloitte", at FAD meeting room.
(posted - 27 November 2011)

CBD Fixes CPU Holders for KJO's Offices

The CBD Office Equipment Division fixed CPU holders to all desks at KJO premises. The holder is meant to save space, facilitate movement and keep the CPU away from dust, as well as having the media drives at an accessible level.
(posted - 27 November 2011)

ELD Conducts a Clean-up and Beautification Campaign at KJO's Shores

In accordance with the KJO's constant concern with the marine Environment, and observing the extent of damage caused by the wastes to sea and fisheries (especially Solid waste); the Environment & Laboratory Department (ELD) in cooperation with the Community & Business Services Department (CBD) conducted a clean-up campaign to the shores and creek of the KJO.
(posted - 21 November 2011)

On The Occasion of His Appointment As Al-Khafji New Governor: KJO Organizes An Honorary Ceremony For Al-Sufaiyan

On Tuesday November, 15th 2011, The President & CEO, AGOC, Eng. Abdullah Al-Helal received HE the Governor of Al-Khafji, Mr. Khalid Abdul-Aziz Al-Sufaiyan at the Cultural tent, on the occasion of his appointment as the new Governor of Khafji city.
(posted - 20 November 2011)

CTD Signs a 4-Year Contract with Seadrill for Drilling & Maintenance Services

On Tuesday, October 25th, 2011, the Contracts Department (CTD) signed a four year contract with "Seadrill" Company to provide drilling and maintenance services. On behalf of KJO, the signing ceremony was attended by A/MCT, Mishal M. Al-Shammari, the Contracts Administration Superintendent, Mishal M. Al-Enazi, and the CTD Data Controller, Shehdeh A. Abukarim.
(posted - 14 November 2011)

KGOC's Acting Chairman Conducts an Inspection Visit to the Onshore Facilities

On October 31st, 2011, the Acting Chairman and DMD of Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC), Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Ramadan conducted an inspection visit to Khafji Joint Operations.
(posted - 14 November 2011)

Al-Khafji Quran Memorization Society Honors KJO

In recognition for KJO continued support to Al-Khafji Quran Memorization Society , the Office manager of Al-Khafji Governorate, Mr. Majdoua Al-Shihri, visited the office of the A/C-JOC Jamal Jaafar and presented him with an honorary shield on Wednesday October 19, 2011.
(posted - 31 October 2011)

ELD Implements Gama Radiation External Detection Project

Upon the recommendation and support of the former department manager Mutlaq Al-Khodair who is currently acting as EDP, and under the direct supervision of A/M(ELD), Adil Abass, the Occupational Health Division of Environment and Laboratories department (ELD), formed a work team in 2010, to study and assess the hazards caused by Gama radiation from the natural radioactive materials within Al-Khafji Joint Operations.
(posted - 26 October 2011)

Under the Patronage of Khafji Joint Operations, The Joint Tendering Committee Holds its 14th Meeting in Istanbul

The Joint Tendering Committee (JTC) held its 14th semi-annual meeting in Istanbul City, on October 11th & 12th, 2011. The Saudi Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources (MOPM) was represented by Mohammad Shehan al Zahrani, MOPM Branch Manager in the Divided Zone, Ahmad Mohammad Shekho, Manager of the Petroleum Emergencies Department, Ahmad Ibrahim Al Furaih, Financial Controller, and Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Khuzaim, Financial Controller.
(posted - 18 October 2011)

A/C-JOC Honors POD Job Descriptions Team

THE A/C- JOC, Jamal Jaafar, honored the working team of the Policies, Organization department (POD), which accomplished the job descriptions of KJO.
(posted - 11 October 2011)

ERD Organizes A Lecture On the New Performance Management System

In cooperation with Towers Watson company, the Employees Relations department (ERD) organized a lecture at Office Park Auditorium under the title of "the new performance management system".
(posted - 11 October 2011)

KJO Hospital Introduces A New Bones Densitometer (DXA)

In its continuous endeavor to enhance its services provided and developing the diagnostic capabilities of the radiology department, KJO Hospital has recently introduced the osteoporosis examination apparatus of DXA type, which is an advanced American product from Hologic company.
(posted - 05 October 2011)

KJO Participates in The Middle East Oil & Gas Conference

Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) participated by an official delegation in the Middle East Premier Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (MEOS 2011) organized in Bahrain during the period 25-28 September 2011, under the auspices of the Bahraini Prime Minister, HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa.
(posted - 03 October 2011)

Al-Hilal Visits TMD

The P&CEO, AGOC, Abdullah Al-Hilal, accompanied by MTM, Abdullah Al-Shaalan, visited the Terminal and Marine department, Last Tuesday September 27, 2011, to get oriented with the department operations and inspect compliance with the safety regulations, with regard to the berthing of vessels arriving at KJO marine terminals.
(posted - 03 October 2011)

JEC Holds its first Meeting in 2011 at KJO

On Monday, September 17th, 2011, the Joint Executive Committee (JEC) held its first meeting in 2011, at the premises of Khafji Joint Operations.
(posted - 26 September 2011)

JOC Conducts EMSR And Overviews Safety Measures

Tuesday morning, September 20th 2011, The Members, the Joint Operation Committee (JOC) have gathered in front of the Office Park, to conduct the Executive Management Safety Review (EMSR).
(posted - 21 September 2011)

National Day Holiday of Kingdom Saudi Arabia on Saturday 24th Sept 2011

On the occasion of national day holiday of Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA), the Manager of Employees Relation Department (M-ERD) Faisal Al-Yamee Announced that the Joint Operation Committee (JOC) observe that Saturday September 24th,2011 to be a national holiday, instead of Friday September 23th, 2011.
(posted - 19 September 2011)

Jaffar and Al-Khateeb Congratulate the Off-Shore Operation Staff on Eid - Al Fitr

On Tuesday, September 6th, 2011, the Acting Chairman of the Joint Operation Committee (A/C-JOC), ENG. Jamal A. Jaffar, and the Executive Director, Operations (EDO) ENG. Mohammed Al-Khateeb, took an air trip to the off-shore production Facilities, to congratulate the off-shore operation staff on Eid Al-Fitr Occasion.
(posted - 19 September 2011)

Quality Awareness

On Tuesday 9 August, 2011 KJO Hospital conducted a presentation to begin Quality Awareness Week for its' staff in order to both celebrate and reinforce the importance of quality and quality improvement.
(posted - 16 August 2011)

EDD Honors Drilling and Maintenance Engineers

The Exploration and Development department (EDD) organized an honoring ceremony on July 31, 2011 to honor well drilling and maintenance engineers.
(posted - 10 August 2011)

CDPNE Program 2011

AGOC opened its 2011 CDPNE Program up to 2011 graduates from Khafji area high schools. The online application ran from July 9 through to July 18, after which time, all qualified applicants were requested to appear at AGOC for the Company Admission Test.
(posted - 09 August 2011)

KJO Holds an Orientation Day about SRM in Kuwait

In Coordination with the Public & Government Relations Department (PGD), the Finance & Accounts Department (FAD), and the Contracts Department (CTD), the Information Technology Department (ITD), has held an orientation day about the suppliers/ contractors registration system (SRM) for the contractors/ suppliers in Kuwait, on July 20th, 2011
(posted - 03 August 2011)

Your Health in Ramadan

On 23/07/2011, Khafji Joint Operations Hospital (KJO-H) started the Campaign of (Your Health in Ramadan) in KJO Office Park, KJO Hospital and Khafji Mall.
(posted - 26 July 2011)

El-Refaai, Chairman of KGOC, Visits KJO

On July 17th, 2011, Engineer Hashim El-Refaai, Chairman of the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (C-KGOC) paid an inspection visit to Khafji Joint Operations (KJO).
(posted - 20 July 2011)

KJO Signs a Contract with SAP Parent Company for Applying TSW System

In line with its commitment toward the two National Partners (AGOC & KGOC), Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) has recently entered into a contract with SAP Parent Company for applying the Trader Scheduler Workbench (TSW) as a supplementary component for the current oil solutions.
(posted - 19 July 2011)

Another Medical Accomplishment for KJO Hospital

In an unprecedented surgical operation in Al-Khafji Governorate, Dr. Moahammad Al-Qadi, Consultant Urologist performed a surgical operation.
(posted - 12 July 2011)

KJO Launches the New E-Services System for Contractors & Suppliers (SRM)

On June 25th, 2011, Khafji Joint Operations launched the first phase of the new "E-Services System for Suppliers & Contractors" (SRM), at the Conference Hall, Office Park.
(posted - 04 July 2011)

ELD Conducts An Orientation Session On Oil Spill For The Executive Management

In the presence of Engineer Jamal Jaafar, A/C-JOC and Engineer Abdullah Al-Hilal, P&CEO, AGOC, ELD has in cooperation with British Oil Spill Response company, conducted a training course.
(posted - 28 June 2011)

The Executive Management Safety Review Covered CBD, MSD & ITD

In line with its quarterly safety inspection program, the Executive Management conducted a safety review on Wednesday June 22, 2011, which covered CBD, MSD and ITD.
(posted - 28 June 2011)

ELD Approaches Qualified National Contractors For Tendering "Clean-up of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil" Project

Last Monday June 20, 2011, ELD held a meeting with a number of qualified Saudi and Kuwaiti business firms.
(posted - 22 June 2011)

Al-Hilal Visits KJO Facilities

Following the assumption of his new assignment as P&CEO, AGOC, on Saturday June 18, 2011; Engineer Abdullah Al-Hilal started his visits to the different KJO facilities beginning by KJO Hospital.
(posted - 22 June 2011)

KJO Enters into a Contract with Al-Jalhami For Oil and Gas Facilities Routine Maintenance Services

Al-Khafji Joint Operations ("KJO") has entered into a five-year contract with Al-Jalhami Trading and Contracting Establishment ("The Contractor") at the Contracts Department.
(posted - 19 June 2011)

Aramco Gulf Operations (AGOC) Honors Al-Khashti and Al-Adsani

On Sunday, June 12th, 2011, Aramco Gulf Operations organized a dinner party at Marina Hotel, Salmiyyah, Kuwait, to honor both of Engineer Bader N. Al-Khashti, the former Chairman and Managing Director of Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC), and Engineer Nizar M. Al-Adsani, the former Chairman of KJO Operating Committee and the Deputy Managing Director for the Joint Operations Affairs.
(posted - 14 June 2011)

AGOC Holds A Reception Ceremony for The Chairman and Board Members and Honors Al-Shammari

On Monday, June 6th, 2011, Aramco Gulf Operations Company (AGOC) held a reception ceremony and dinner party for the AGOC Chairman and Board Members at the Cultural Tent.
(posted June 2011)

AGOC Appoints Abdullah Al-Hilal as P&CEO

On June 1st, 2011, Engineer Abdullah N. Al-Hilal assumed his new position as President & CEO for Aramco Gulf Operations Limited (AGOC) instead of Engineer Mohammad A. Al-Shammari.
(posted June 2011)

KPC Announces New Administrative Appointments
(posted June 2011)

KJO Enters Into A Project Management Services Contract for Industrial Projects

On June 1st, 2011, Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) entered into a project management services (PMS) contract for industrial projects with Dar Al-Handasah & Penspen Limited at the Materials Department (MTD), Office Park.
(posted June 2011)

SRM Go Live : Registration of Suppliers

Al Khafji Joint Operations(KJO) is pleased to announce that all its contracting activities will be automated through its new system "e-Services for Suppliers and Contractors". Current KJO contractors and suppliers in addition to any new contactor or supplier are required to use the new system as of 06/11/2011.
(posted May 2011)

SRM : Awareness Campaign for Suppliers and Contractors

Al Khafji Joint Operations(KJO) is pleased to invite all Suppliers and Contractors for an Awareness Campaign on new Supplier Registration Application, on 25th June 2011, at KJO Auditorium
(posted May 2011)

New Medical Accomplishment For KJO Hospital

The Emergency department at KJO Hospital has recently receives a seriously critical case of an 8 years old girl, after exposure to a major traffic accident. The girl arrived the Hospital and was totally unconscious, suffering from abdominal, chest and pelvis pains.
(posted May 2011)

The Permanent Saudi-Kuwaiti Joint Committee Holds its 88th Meeting
On Wednesday, May 18th, 2011, the Permanent Saudi-Kuwaiti Joint Committee held its 88th meeting at Khafji Office.
(posted May 2011)
ERD Holds An Honoring Ceremony for The Retirees of 2011
Under kind auspices of C-JOC Engineer Nizar Al-Adsani, and in the presence of the executive directors and departments managers, the Employee Relations Department (ERD) organized a special ceremony on May 24th, 2011 to honor the Retirees of KJO for the year 2011 at the Meeting Hall, the Office Park.

(posted May 2011)

KJO Patronized Haroon Al-Rashid School Honoring Ceremony Of Outstanding Students

On May 30, 2011, in the presence of Engineer Sulaiman N Al-Rashidy, MPG, KJO and Mr. Ahmed Al-Baqawi, Acting Manager of the Education Office in Al-Khafji, Haroon Al-Rashid Intermediate school at Al-Khafji organized its final ceremony for honoring 1431/1432H outstanding students.
(posted May 2011)

KJO Hospital Establishes New Guidelines for Appointments Booking

The Acting Manager of Medical Services, KJO, Mr. Hezab Al-Shammari, has issued a circular to all KJO employees, emphasizing the importance of appointments fixing before approaching outpatient clinics.
(posted May 2011)