733 Palm Varieties in KJO

Executive Director of Industrial Services Inspects Palm Planting Project

On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, the Executive Director of Industrial Services Abdullah bin Mufleh Al-Qahtani visited the palm planting project area in KJO. He was accompanied by the of Community and Business Services Manager Eng. Mohammed Khalil, Superintendent Eng. Khalid bin Sulaiman Al-Balawi, Supervisor Nawaf Al-Nami, and a team that was specially formed to implement and supervise the palm planting project at all stages. Al-Qahtani praised the efforts exerted by the Department of Social Services and Business in preserving the environment, adding that Al-Khafji's joint operations support palm planting projects within the framework of diversifying the agricultural field and improving the aesthetic aspect. This project is part of Al-Khafji Joint Operations within the framework of interest in afforestation of the environment in general and attention to the palm tree in particular; because it is one of the most adaptive plants to the climate and weather fluctuations; and to withstand high temperatures, drought and salinity that many other trees may not tolerate. Khalil said that CBD is conducting an experiment on the Palm project because it is the most productive and the most numerous. The production of fruit palms next year is expected to exceed more than 2,500 boxes of fruit varieties in the project. Al-Balawi said that the palm trees produced are a number of known varieties, including: (Barhi, Nifi, Shishi, and Hatmi) and that the current number is 733 palm trees, and 114 palm trees will be added; 847 palm trees, distributed in all areas of joint operations. These palms are continuously developed, improved and increased through an integrated team of specialized engineers and technicians. Khalil also pointed out that agriculture is of the utmost importance in the preservation of the environment, and in view of the environmental responsibility of KJO, afforestation and the expansion of green areas is one of the concerns that the Agriculture Division are keen to follow up periodically and continuously. The project also aims to familiarize the staff of the joint operations with the importance of conservation and development of the environment, the optimal use of natural resources, economical use of water, and the application of modern irrigation methods, and encourage them to pay attention to agriculture, especially palms of various types.

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