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AGOC Bids Farewell to “Al-Helal” and Receives “Al-Qahtani”

On July 11th, 2018, Aramco Gulf Operations (AGOC) bade farewell to Eng. Abdullah N. Al-Helal, Ex-President and CEO, and received Eng. Azeb M. Al-Qahtani, New President and CEO, in presence of C-JOC Eng. Saeed Al-Shaheen, Khafji Governor Mohammad Al-Hazza, Commander of the 24th Troop in Khafji, Fahad bin Shawia, together with many government officials, KJO department managers and a number of employees, at the Cultural Tent in the Family Quarter.

The colleague Ahmad Ghali started the ceremony by welcoming the attendance and thanking Al-Helal for his efforts and contributions, and wished all success to the new President and CEO; Al-Qahtani. Then he highlighted the professional career of Al-Helal and the tenure of his service which lasted for 38 years, during which he assumed many pioneering positions in various companies. Al-Shaheen then delivered a speech lauding Al-Helal and thanking him in the name of the Joint Operating Committee and KJO employees. He then presented a memorial gift to Al-Helal on behalf of Eng. Abdul Nasser Al-Fulaij, CEO of Kuwaiti Gulf Oil Company.

The Executive Management of KJO and EDI Abdullah M. Al-Qahtani also presented memorial gifts to Al-Helal. Al-Helal then delivered a speech saying: “It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you this night. I am honored with your attendance and now leaving you with feelings of sincere affection, appreciation and gratitude. During the past seven years, Khafji Joint Operations witnessed the execution of a significant number of key initiatives in various areas in the pursuit of operational excellence; including HSE, human capital development, reliable and safe operations, project management, governance, business process improvements, implementation of technology and social responsibility programs”.

He highlighted AGOC’s social responsibility programs saying: “KJO proved its commitment to the social and economic development of Khafji city. Since our inception, we carried out several key projects such as home ownership scheme for the employees, giving loans to the employees to build their houses, developing a space land in Prince Fahad bin Salman Neighborhood, building infrastructure for 800 residential units, building seven modern schools, central market and a mosque and its appendixes, as well as building five modern government schools, in partnership with KGOC. AGOC also supported government departments, Khafji SPSP, charity associations, Kulluna Al-Khafji Festival, and Summer Club Activities and Programs”. He added: “I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to both the KGOC and AGOC Board of Directors, Joint Operating Committee Chairman and Members, the Joint Executive Committee Chairman and Members, and KJO employees for their support and cooperation. I urge you that the same support and cooperation be extended to Mr. Azeb Al-Qahtani, the new AGOC President and CEO”.

In turn, Al-Qahtani delivered a speech thanking Al-Helal and lauded his key role in managing production in various facilities in Saudi Aramco and wished him all success and prosperity in his future endeavors.

At the end of the party, the attendance took group photos with Al-Helal and Al-Qahtani.

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