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The Opening Ceremony of the Spring Camp

After the completion of all equipment in the spring camp, which was announced by Jibrin Al-Azmi A/MCB, in cooperation with a number of departments in KJO, Eng. Riyadh Al-Hassan MPG sent an invitation to all the staff of KJO and their families to attend the ceremony, which was on Friday, November 30. The ceremony was sponsored by Eng. Azeb Al-Qahtani C-JOC and in presence of the Executive Directors, Mohammed Al-Zahrani, Advisor and Supervisor of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources in the Neutral Region, his assistant Advisor Abdullah Bukhari, a number of officials in government departments in Khafji, and a representative of Chevron. The invitation of the Al-Hassan included the program of the celebration, as published by AD-Dorra in its edition (1795). The first event of the festival began in the spring camp, where they focused on programs that meet the needs of children in different age groups. The live broadcasts were provided through a large screen and to a special screen in the families› section to enable women to follow. The ceremony began with the presence of the patron of the ceremony at 7 pm, presented by Abdelmohsen Mahal. A brief video presentation was made of the events that began in the afternoon and evening of that day, and the attendees attended. Mahal expressed his great happiness at the opening of the camp and his appreciation to the employees who exerted efforts in planning, coordinating and preparing for the opening ceremony and its various programs. Later on, the parade started, followed by the Samari team, and the launch of the fireworks. It is worth mentioning that the spring camp is equipped and opened every year to provide multiple services to the employees of the joint operations and their families.

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