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Upon Request from and Coordination with PME

KJO Conducts an Oil Spill Drill

Upon the request of the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (PME), KJO conducted an oil spill drill in coordination with KJO Crisis Management Team (CMT). The team prepared the scenario of oil spill and practiced dealing with the same within the area of joint operations. The purpose of the drill is to measure the level of KJO response to environmental pollution. This drill is deemed the biggest oil spill drill in the Eastern Province. Eng. Azeb Al-Qahtani presided KJO Crisis Management Team (CMT), which is comprised of the executive directors. The risk management team “RMT” reports to CMT, and it is comprised of the managers of the operational and service departments. On the morning of Sunday, 25 Nov. 2018, A/MTM Eng. Ibrahim Al-Suwaid – Head of the Risk Management Team – presented the scenario of the oil spill drill, as required by PME. The scenario of the drill was presented in the Operation Room of the Office Park, in presence of EDI Eng. Abdullah Al-Qahtani and EDO Eng. Mohammad Al-Khatib, together with the managers of concerned departments, to ensure readiness and response to the oil spill and to determine the procedures which should be taken in such cases. The scenario is as the following: A report sent by PME to KJO about big quantities of oil spill, around fifty thousand barrels coming from the northern side. The scenario was approved by PME representatives and the concerned authorities. The drill was conducted as per the scenario, at 8:30 A.M. Tuesday, 27 Nov. 2018. The following procedures were initiated as soon as the report was received by KJO from PME about the spill of 50,000 barrels:

• TMD dialed KJO unified emergency number (111), and advised about receiving a report from PME regarding an oil spill. TMD has immediately activated ECC and CMT for follow up and instructions about the required procedures, and activated KJO-OSCP.
• The helicopter confirmed the report received from PME and advised about a big spot of oil coming from the northern side, with approximate length of 2 kilometers and 500 meters width.
• The oil spill team tried to mobilize the rubber barriers; however, due to weather conditions and high waves they were unable to mobilize such barriers. PME representatives were present. KJO confirmed that its facilities did not incur any damages.
• The oil spot was dispersed by ships, and was put under monitoring. It was not possible to remove the oil spot by suction or chemical dispersants. KJO confirmed full control of the oil spot and completing the response operations.
• The quantity of oil spot was around 2910 barrels of crude oil.
• Full coordination was ensured between KJO and PME, in the presence of their representatives in all stages of the drill. KJO participated in the drill within the borders of its operations.

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