Health & Safety Overview

Industrial Security Safety

Company-wide Executive Management Safety Review is conducted periodically reflecting the Company leadership's commitment to the safe operations and loss prevention programs. During such visits, members of the Executive Management and Department's managers review the operations of the Company facilities ensuring conformance and compliance to the safety standards. Such visits result in line management and employee's commitments and better understanding of their role and responsibilities to achieve safety goals and objectives. Executive Management Safety Review visits also provide the collective opportunity to all to interact with the Company employees and listen to them. In turn, the employees get an opportunity to contribute in transforming leadership vision into reality.

Al-Khafji Joint operations (KJO) listens to its employees and weights and recognizes their suggestions through a well-established and well-administered Employees Suggestion Program. Employees Suggestions Program encourages and provides opportunity to all level of employees, to make suggestions propose solutions that would lead to improvements and operational excellence.
Medical Services

KJO Hospital's medical services are characterized by everlasting modernity and development as the hospital adopts programs of providing patients with better services and efficient medical care.

The Medical Services Department (MSD), supported by KJO Executive Management, spares no effort in upgrading the applicable medical technology so as to create lasting value and attain the aspired goals. MSD is always seeking upgrading, procuring the most modern medical technology so as to meet medical requirements of labs, radiology or diagnostic services.
Safety Campaigns
Company-wide Safety Campaigns are regularly launched under the objectives of reflecting Company's commitment to the safe operations as well as promote the importance of safety among Company employees and their dependents.

The established culture of the leadership driven safety initiatives resulted in launching this campaign by Chairman of the Joint Operating Committee Industrial Security and Safety Department (ISD) conducts series of safety program activities. Traffic safety is given paramount importance reflecting one of the corporate values; CARE. Company-wide road accident prevention measures are initiated, publications are distributed and defensive driving courses are conducted.

Al-Khafji Joint Operations participates in the GCC Traffic Week Campaign in line with its commitment of practical implementation of one of its corporate values: CITIZENSHIP

Publication materials promoting Traffic Safety awareness are distributed while posters highlighting importance on traffic safety awareness are also displayed in and around the KJO premises.

Traffic awareness competitions and company-wide defensive driving courses are also conducted. This will enable the employee and their dependents to actively participate thereby educating them to promote defensive driving attitude and traffic safety.