General Information

1-Any contractor intending to do business with KJO for Service Contracts is required to formally register with the KJO. The highlights of our requirements for registration are as follows:

a. Please follow the path in Portal> e-services--> Supplier / Contractor Registration. Please note that Registration system is shifted to this new link and the Registration Processes are revised. Please read the user manual, FAQ and Demo in e-services -> Supplier / Contractor Registration ->User Guide, FAQ and Demo before Online Registration(New System)

b. Please keep all Mandatory documents ready before starting filling up Online Form. The list of documents required are provided in Section 4 in User Guide in -> e-services -> Suppliers / Contractors Registration -> User Guide

2- Apart from Registration we have a Classification Procedure for contractors wherein the contractors are classified for certain type of "Work Categories". The classification requirements are set out in the Registration Form in terms of selection of Work Categories under tab 'Which Product Categories you can deliver'. The completed Registration Form and the attachments should be submitted Online through the New Registration system (SAP SRM).

3-All queries, correspondences related to Contracts Department should be made to:
Contracts Department,
Al-Khafji Joint Operations,
P.O. Box No. 256,
Al-Khafji 31971,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Fax No. 00-966-3-7662934

4- Tenders for Construction & Services are basically divided into following categories:

  • a. Competitive Tenders: Competitive tenders are open to any qualified contractor registered & operating in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. Contractor's qualification is judged on the basis of his submissions for that particular tender.
  • b. Restricted Competitive Tender: Only contractors classified for such category of work at KJO are eligible to bid for this type of tenders.
  • c. Selective Tender: Selective quotation tenders are for certain types of works for which qualified contractors are limited in numbers and quotations are solicited from selected contractors based on the contractors information in our database.
  • d. For Major Projects greater than twenty five (25) million Saudi Riyals: In general for major projects separate Prequalification & Solicitation of Interest will be requested thru advertisement. Based on the result of evaluation of the pre-qualification tender will only be issued to pre-qualified contractors.
  • e. Sole Source: Sole sourcing will be limited for those projects where only a single contractor can perform the work or due to the urgency nature of the work, when tendering is not feasible.
Thus, we encourage the contractors to register with KJO.

5-All open tenders are widely advertised in local newspapers in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to give equal opportunities to Contractors, Vendors & Suppliers of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

  • a. For Saudi Arabia it is normally advertised in Arab News and Asharq Al-Awsat and in Kuwait, where to advertise is decided by Kuwaiti Ministry of Information.
  • b. Tenders which require international participation are additionally advertisement in the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED).
  • c. All our open and restricted type of tenders are also displayed on Contract Department's Bulletin Board.
  • d. All our open and restricted type of tenders are shown under e-tendering section on KJO's website.

6- Al-Khafji Joint Operations have their offices in Al-Khafji and Kuwait. The addresses are as follows:
a. For Khafji Office Manager
Contracts Department
P.O. Box No. 256,
Al-Khafji Joint Operations,
Al-Khafji 31971,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
Fax No. 00966 3 766 2934

b. For Kuwait Office
Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (K.S.C.)
Tender & Contracts Section,
Building L (Ex-PTC Office),
Fax No.: (00 965) 398 0883

7- The contractors can register with KJO through New Online Registration Form, filling up the required details and after attaching the required documents and Submit. The Contractors are also required to submit additional details through Questionnaire that they will receive through e-mail after submission of Online Registration Form. For further details please follow>e-services-->Supplier / Contractor Registration -> User Guide and FAQ and Demo

8- For those who are already registered with KJO they can review and update their details and categories or request for registration of additional categories of work by through Existing Login in>e-services-->Supplier / Contractor Registration -> Registered Supplier/Contractor Login

9- For Contractors and Suppliers who are registered with KJO but did not do any business with KJO during the last five years or more should Submit their registration by filling in the application form in the New System as mentioned above. Please select the option 'Already Registered with KJO' as "Yes" and provide your existing KJO Vendor number.