Project Achievements

New Power Plant

A new power plant with all related facilities including three units of gas turbine generator (30MW each) two (2) turbine buildings, control room with DCS, 19.B kv switchgear with building, emergency generator, SWGH #1A, cable tunnel, super high stage fuel, Gas Compressor with building, Two (2) diesel oil storage tanks, utility systems, and maintenance shop building are under construction.
Replacement of Offshore Electrical Equipment
This Project will provide the replacement of various offshore electrical equipment, which has been utilized for more than 30 years and being superannuated, on Flow Stations (Y-1, Y-2, Y-3 & Y4). Pump Platform, Ratawi Gathering Station, Living Quartar, Offshore Control Platform Ex-loading Dock and valves Station. New Switchgear Rooms will be installed set each platform to accommodate all electrical systems.
Installation of Gas Supply Facilities from Offshore
This project will provide 12' Fuel Gas submarine pipeline from gas lift platform to onshore, Onshore gas receiving facilities, and Onshore gas line to Khafji Separators area in order to cover the shortage of Fuel Gas to be utilized for New Power Plant and other facilities at Onshore.
Expansion of Water Treatment Facilities, Phase 2
New Water Treatment Facilities were constructed with wastewater handing capacity of 3,000 gpm plus standby capacity of 1,000 gpm. A new switchgear house building will be constructed in compliance with the security and safety directive (SSD) regulation a water treatment facilities.
RE-Construction of Business & Community Districts

The new facilities to replace existing KJO facilities are:
  • Office Park
  • Material Warehouses and Maintenance Workshops
  • Integrated Laboratory
  • 536 New Company family houses
  • Sport ad Recreation facilities
  • Bachelor quarters
  • Independent Offices
  • In-Campus and out-Campus schools
Community Support Facilities

  • Seven (7) schools
  • Shopping Center, including a Bank and Post Office
  • Fitness Center
  • Clinic
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Offices
New Power Generator

A new 30-megawatt generator was installed successfully to enhance the current three generators and increase the total production capacity of KJO to 120 megawatt.

Moreover, additional eight DBs were installed to supply power to the future projects.

The operating system of the current generators and the current control system in the control room were replaced by modern operating and control systems.

Renovation of Water Treatment Facilities Phase-2

The work is goning in full swing to renovate and construct new Water Treatment Facilities of larger capacity (3000 GPM) to separate oil from water. This project will increase the capacity of the Station in line with environment and safety requirements.

40KV Submarine Cable and GIS
The project includes engineering, procurement and construction of a new 40KV power transmission system. The major facilities involved are a 42 km submarine cable (40 kV, 20 MVA, three (3) cores) inclusive of a build-in -fiber optic cables, two (2) 40 kv Substations comprising of Gas insulated Switchgear (GIS) one each at onshore and offshore and an offshore platform, namely Utility Platform (UTP).
Construction of No. 2 Gas Lift Station

This project will provide four Gas turbine compressors with conditioning skid. TEG gas dehydration system and related facilities in order to supply enough capacity of gas lift for all planned gas lift wells and onshore fuel gas.
Modification of Offshore Control system
This project intends to replace the tie-worm offshore SCADA system with DCS for the Gathering platform and Flow Stations. DCS will communicate with PMCR and HCR Onshore. This existing field instrumentation will be modernized by replacing numeric instruments by electronic instruments and by refurbishing other instrumentation.
Installation of Security Monitoring System
This system includes:
  • Security perimeter fence a accordance with SSD-1
  • A New security lighting
  • A new reinforce concrete security control center in accordance with SSD-26
  • Fence intruder Detection & Assessment System (IDAS) which will be an integrated system comprised of Closed Circuit Television System (CCTC)
  • Fiber Optic Sensor System
  • Video Motion Detection and a Micro Wave Detection System.
AGOC Home Ownership

Home ownership is a major Program Land lot area is 1.5 sq. km. (1km X 1.5km) at Al- Khafji The Program involved design, Tender, Construction and commissioning of Infrastructure and other Community Support Facilities 850 Land lots with a total area of 1.5 sq. kms (1 km. X 1.5Km.)
Industrial Projects
Onshore Projects:
  • Renovation of Loading Facilities
  • Crude Pre-setting Facilities
  • Replacement of Khafji and Ratawi Pita
Offshore Project:
  • Installation of New Flow Station
  • Installation of Integrated Well Jackets 2 & 3
  • Installation of New Crude Transmission Line
  • Installation of WDACS
  • Installation of MPFM on Well jackets
Utilities Projects
  • Construction of Sea Water Desalination Unit
  • Installation of Distillation Unit
  • Construction of Fresh Water Tank
Constructing Two New Gas Lift Stations
Station 1 & Station 2:

New Gas Plant was recently constructed within Khafji Joints Operations facilities and currently under commissioning. The new facility will collect all separated gas from Khafji Reservoir from both onshore and offshore. The objects of this new gas plant are the followings:

1- Sustain maximum operating capacity of 300 MBOD for Khafji Crude in the coming 20 years by increasing lift Gas Rate from 25 MMSCFD to 50 MMSCFD.

2- Minimize Flaring by collecting all flared gas at offshore and send it to new onshore gas plant.

3- Recover NGL and export it to both shareholders.

The new facilities collect all offshore and onshore gas with total rate of 120 MMSCFD and compress the gas to 750 psig by three Medium Pressure Compressors driven with Gas Turbines. The compressed gas is dehydrated to -40 Deg. C dew point and then cooled down to - 35 Deg. C utilizing propane refrigeration system where 6000-8000 Barrels of NGL is recovered in daily basis. The remaining gas is utilized to feed lift gas compressors and Medium Pressure and Low Pressure Fuel customers. 50 MMSCFD of the gas is processed to two onshore lift gas compressors driven by motors where gas pressure is increased from 400 psig until 1350 psig feeding offshore lift gas network. It worth mention that the new onshore lift gas compressors are replacing the old two offshore lift gas compressor.