Oil and Gas Events

KJO recognizes that events and exhibitions are a vital platform that enables an organization showcase its assets and corporate philosophy. Precisely why, KJO takes every opportunity to enhance visibility and brand value by blending thoughts and design at every event it participates in. Whether it is within Saudi Arabia, across the Middle East or anywhere in the world, KJO will always strive to make its presence felt, creating its own space in the minds of people and organizations that have contributed to KJOs corporate culture, now and in the future.

ADIPC Conference and Exhibition 2012

11-14 November, 2012
Pavilion Award at GEO 2012

Manama, Bahrain
March 4th-7th, 2012
KOG 2011

The Regency Hotel, Kuwait
12, April 2011
Offshore Arabia 2011

Dubai International & Exhibition Centre, 28-30 March 2011

Abu Dhabi
1-4 November 2010
ATCE 2010

Firenze Fiera Convention & Exhibition Center
Italy 20-22 September 2010
Enviro Arabia 2010

Gulf International Convention and Exhibition Centre Bahrain 19-21 April 2010
Offshore Arabia 2010

Dubai International & Exhibition Centre
29-31 March 2010
GEO 2010

Bahrain International Exhibition Centre
7-10 March 2010
Minister's visit 2010

Minister's visit to KJO, Al Khafji
3rd March 2010
Prince visit 2009

Prince Mohammed to KJO
December 2009
IPTC 2009

7-9 December 2009
OGS 2009

Dubai International & Exhibition Centre
27-29 October 2009
MEOS 2009

Bahrain International Exhibition Centre
16-18 March 2009
ALTEM 2009

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain,
March 10th and 11th, 2009
GEO 2008

Bahrain International Exhibition Centre
3-5 March 2008