Employee Self Service

Employee self-service (ESS) capability enables employees to create, view, and modify data anytime and anywhere, using multiple technologies. This provides an employee-centric portal. With easy access to the information they need to do their jobs, employees can manage duties that were previously handled for them.

ESS also expedites life and work changes (such as marriage or a new job), freeing HR professionals from mundane administrative tasks and allowing them to dedicate their time and resources to strategic initiatives. Following functionalities are provideded as part of Employee Self Service.
Manages such things as inboxes, the company directory ('Who is Who'), personal calendars, and internal service requests.
Time & Attendance
Lets employees record hours worked, display work schedules, submit leave requests, and obtain approvals
Travel & Expense
Helps employees manage all business travel issues, from trip planning to expense reports.
Allows employees to view and enroll in benefits plans, handle claims, and manage retirement benefits.
Handles salary issues, such as salary verification and compensation statements.
Skills & Appraisals
Allows employees to access a qualifications profile, maintain a skills database, and view recommendations for skills enhancement.
Lets employees display training schedules, sign up for training, and receive training approval.
Personal Information
Enables employees to view, enter, and update personal information, such as addresses, dependents, emergency contacts, tax withholding, and bank data.
Life & Work Events
Offers users guidance and background information about life and work changes, such as getting married or starting new jobs. With this content and instruction, employees may properly enter into company files the information that relates to these life and work events.