Bidding Procedure

For open tender documents Contractors have to pay non-refundable tender amount money (Amount of payment will be stated in the advertisement) This money has to paid in cash in Saudi Riyals to the Finance and Accounts Department in Al-Khafji or by cash in Kuwaiti Dinars to our Kuwait Office.
Normally tender document sale timings are from 8:A.M. to 12:00 and from 1:00 to 1:30 P.M. Saturday to Wednesday on dates stated in the advertisement.
For tenders which requires a Pre-Tender Meeting and/or a Site Survey the contractor has to send the details by fax of representatives attending the meeting three working days in advance to process the visa and IDs.
The bid proposals shall be delivered by hand to Contracts Department, Al-Khafji Joint Operations, Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia on or before the time stipulated on the closing date of the tender. Please note that bids submission will not be accepted at Kuwait Office.
The contractor has to submit bid bond in original along with the bid submission as specified in the tender documents.
In case the contractor has any queries related to tender documents, it should be submitted well in advance to give sufficient time for KJO to respond. The last date of submission for queries is always mentioned in each tender document.
All queries should only be addressed to Manager, Contracts Department on the address given above.