Since its beginning in 2000, Al-Khafji Joint Operations(KJO) spared no effort in participating in and supporting the different social activities of Khafji. Such activities are:

AGOC Home Ownership
  • Home ownership is a major program.
  • Land Lot area is 1.5 sq km at Al-Khafji.
  • The program involved design, tender, construction and commissioning of infrastructure and other community support facilities .
Sports Activities

Horse Racing

Al-Khafji Horse Club is one of the sports organizations significant to KJO. Because of its belief in the vital role of horse racing sports, KJO established a well-equipped horse racing field and it sponsors the annual tournaments and provides financial and in-kind rewards.

Ramadhan Soccer Tournament
Al-Khafji Joint Operations has its pioneer and effective role too in supporting football. This support is proven in its annual participation in the Ramadhan soccer tournament.
Social Activities

Honoring Distinguished Students
Al-Khafji Joint Operations annually participates in honoring the distinguished student in the Governorate schools. This is annually represented in holding and funding such celebrations in the its affiliated schools.

Holding Festivals and Exhibitions
Al-Khafji Joint Operations has long been holding, in cooperation with its affiliated schools, different cultural and educational festivals for educating children and school students in different concepts such as Safety and First Aid. It also participates in art exhibitions for encouraging distinguished students in this field.